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Cybersecurity is something that is taken seriously by the users. Users are constantly searching for antivirus software which would efficiently look after all their web related security issues. Norton has been a trustworthy software for several years now. Norton provides the user with the option of using various antivirus products that they can choose as per their needs. Norton has been constantly improving themselves with passing time and has always set a benchmark in the market. Users can efficiently connect with Norton Support Number and attain more information regarding the software. This is completely free of cost service which can be availed during any hour of the day.

Reasons to choose Norton over other antivirus software

In an era where everything is very high tech, the security of your devices is also a huge concern. Despite several efforts of protecting your device from threats, there are chances that you would be exposed. It is always great to have a precaution, rather than being sorry later on. Norton is best in their class, they have been providing groundbreaking protection against viruses and other online threats. They have constantly been giving other antivirus software a run for their money. To know more about why Norton is better than other antivirus software, you can effectively connect with the Norton tech Support Number and seek the explanations from the experts of the field.

Features Of Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus provides the users with various features which helps then in providing world-class protection of the user’s system. These features are what has helped them in earning the recognition that they enjoy today. Some of these features have been stated below for your reference:

Real-Time Protection

Norton constantly keeps doing its work in the background and makes sure that the system is always protected against any kind of virus or malware. This service is constantly running even when you do not command for it.

Active Threat Identification

Norton always has its eye open for any possible threats. Norton easily identifies any potential threat which can cause harm to your system. This software promptly nullifies any such threat.

Multi-Platform Security System

All Norton antivirus products are compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. This ensures that all the devices that you have despite its operating system would be completely protected by Norton software. The users have complete control over the security of the device.

App Download Protection

Norton Antivirus efficiently scans all the downloads that you make. Even when you are downloading an app, this antivirus software does a complete scan to make sure that it would be a potential threat.

Secure Online Transactions

Online shopping and online money transfer is a common thing these days. Hence it is necessary that you have a secure way to get it done. One would never want to risk their bank details at any cost.
Norton makes sure that the user’s personal bank details are safe even while an online transaction are being made.

These are some of the most prominent features that Norton Antivirus provides to the users. The users can also connect with Norton Customer Care to learn more about the features. The executives would give then in-depth details about the features that this software provides.

Ideal Products that Norton Provides

There are several advanced products that Norton provides to the users. Norton has a huge customer base and this is because of the various products that they have provided. They have effectively catered to the needs of the market. Below is the list of products that they have on offer:

  • Norton security standard
  • Norton security Deluxe
  • Norton security Premium
  • Norton Wi-Fi privacy
  • Norton Family Premier
  • Norton Mobile Security
  • Norton 360 software
  • Norton Internet security
Common issues faced while using Norton

Being one of the best antivirus software available in the market is not an easy task. Being a software there are various aspects in which the users face malfunctions and glitches. These are issues which would often trouble the users and create an issue but has said there is still nothing to be worried about. Some of the common issues that are faced by the users have been listed below as it is always good to know the potential issue that you might have to face while using this software.

  • Issue of Norton Activation
  • Malfunction while trying to install Norton Antivirus Software
  • Issue of not being able to download Norton Antivirus software
  • Problem when Norton 360 is not scanning the computer system
  • Issue of slow scanning with Norton Antivirus software
  • Issue of not able to find the activation code for Norton software
  • Malfunction where the software is displaying inaccurate results
  • Configuration issue with the Norton Antivirus software
  • Error while updating Norton antivirus
  • Malfunction while upgrading Norton Antivirus
  • Problem when antivirus software refuses to uninstall
  • Issue of software running slowly after installation
  • Issue of Norton Blocking your own email address
  • Issue of having lost Norton activation key and the process to recover it
  • Norton Antivirus facing compatibility issues
  • Issue of expired subscription of Norton 360
  • How to Cancel the Norton Subscription
  • Issue with the billing of Norton Antivirus

These are the common issues which the users can face while using the Norton Antivirus Software. In such a situation it would be recommended that the users promptly connect with Norton Customer Service Number and avail professional guidance on how to overcome the issue faced.

Why you choose Norton customer care experts?

Norton antivirus is an advanced software that is digitally enhanced and developed under the supervision of technical experts and professional engineers. Now if you get any technical glitches or error you may find it rather a difficult task to process the solution and you may create another problem while try to apply some internet driven methods. To remove any possibility of future error you should need an expert advice with complete technical advanced knowledge. Now if you call at Norton customer support you explore quite a professional approach that will be solving your problems in an easy and promising way. Below are some credible features:

  • You can access a complete user-friendly service.
  • You will get a complete analytical approach to solve your issue.
  • You can access round the clock expert support.
  • You will be getting the supportive team with skilled communication.
  • You can also get fixed via remote access.
  • A completely professional and expert team will be solving your issue.

Norton antivirus is an essential product for your computer to protect your from any malicious activities online and it keeps your computer safe. You can install it with some steps that are given below:

  • Open the downloaded Norton file.
  • By clicking the “install now” button you can run the file.
  • Now follow the steps appeared on the screen to complete the installation.

It is the most common issue that you may face at several occasions. However you can get rid of this issue by applying some easy methods given below:

  • Open you Norton software
  • Go to the setting option
  • Now you have to choose the firewall option
  • You can click on the “Slider” option to turn off the firewall
  • Now you can access any site on internet.

Norton antivirus offers a great scanning feature that provide a full scan of your computer and detect the virus affected files and suggested you to delete but if you facing a running slowly issue you can follow these steps given below also you can contact at Norton customer support number for full support.

  • You need to uninstall the Norton software
  • Now you have to download it again.
  • Now process the installation and run the software.
  • Check if it working fine.

This is quite a common issue that you may face occasionally and get puzzled. But you can resolve this issue with some easy steps that you should follow: the

  • You need to uninstall any other installed antivirus software.
  • Now you need to uninstall the Norton software as well.
  • Then you have to install the Norton software from the existing files.
  • Now you can run it to check the computer speed.